Shipley and Robinson impress in All-Star Challenge

The College Football All-Star Challenge was a good opportunity to evaluate the intangibles of each player that may not show up on game tape.  It allowed you to see how the players interacted with each other and how they competed in the non-traditional football drills.  The results and times of the participants are not as important, but the event is another tool in the evaluation process.

12th Annual Mercedes-Benz College Football All-Star Challenge
Florida International University (Miami, FL)
Taped on Monday February 1, 2010 (Originally aired February 5th, 2010 on ESPN)
ESPN Commentators: Todd McShay, Bob Davie and Mark Jones

AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic - Oklahoma State v Mississippi


Dan LeFevour, QB – Central Michigan
Jevan Snead, QB – Mississippi
Zac Robinson, QB – Oklahoma State
Sean Canfield, QB – Oregon State

Dez Bryant, WR – Oklahoma State
Damian Williams, WR – USC
Mardy Gilyard
, WR – Cincinnati
Jordan Shipley, WR – Texas

Rookie Blitz Top 100 (Ranking in Parenthesis)

Zac Robinson (UR), Stock: Up

Zac Robinson was one of the best performers of the day and he continued to impress after his solid Senior Bowl outing.  Robinson was poised and had a smooth delivery with decent arm strength.   Despite winning the long distance throwing contest, Robinson’s deep throws required a big windup and sailed long in the accuracy contest.   Zac Robinson may have enough game to become a spot starter after a few seasons in the NFL.

Dan LeFevour (22), Stock: Unchanged

Dan LeFevour remains the third best quarterback in this draft class behind Jimmy Clausen and Sam Bradford.  LeFevour was very confident in himself to the point where it was borderline arrogance.  That may turn off a few teams during the NFL Draft, but he remains a perfect fit for a west-coast offense.  LeFevour showed pin-point accuracy in his short to intermediate throws while his deep throws lacked zip.  In the agility drill, LeFevour showed the ability to throw on the run well.

Jevan Snead (91), Stock: Down

Jevan Snead was very disappointing and appeared very stiff and rigid in the drills.  Snead is not a fluid athlete and did not carry himself well.  He appeared to be the loner of the group and that confirms the concerns teams will have about his leadership and his ability to command an NFL huddle.  He was erratic and mechanical with many of his throws.  His poor performance makes you wonder why he decided to declare early for the NFL Draft.

Sean Canfield (UR), Stock: Unchanged

Sean Canfield continued to look average and did not stand from the other quarterbacks.  Canfield often threw flat footed and missed several easy throws.  At one point he missed three targets in a row that were less than 10 yards away.  Canfield remains a candidate to be drafted in the late rounds as a development project because of his senior year production at Oregon State.

Dez Bryant (1), Stock: Unchanged

Dez Bryant competed well in his first action since his suspension by the NCAA in September.  Based on his performance, Bryant remains the top prospect on our draft board.  Bryant was fluid for a bigger receiver and put his excellent hands on display in the various drills.  Bryant was often seen joking around with Mardy Gilyard and was playful in front of the camera before and after the commercial breaks.  The maturity issues still remain, but there is no question this kid loves to play football.

Damian Williams (10), Stock: Unchanged

Damien Williams showed he is a solid individual and could be one of the safest picks at wide receiver in this draft class.  Williams appeared very humble and well coached.  Williams showed quick feet and good change of direction for a bigger receiver.

Mardy Gilyard (16), Stock: Unchanged

Mardy Gilyard put his fun-loving personality on display while remaining ultra-competitive in the various drills.  Gilyard confirmed our belief that he was more quick than fast and he will have enough speed to make it in the NFL.  He needs to add some bulk to his frame to stand up to the weekly punishment he will endure at the next level.

Jordan Shipley (41), Stock: Up

Jordan Shipley was very impressive and we will consider moving him up our rankings.  They mentioned multiple times during the broadcast that Shipley was a coach’s son and grew up catching footballs from a Jugs machine.  Shipley put those strong hands on display and caught the ball well away from his body.    Shipley will be an ideal slot receiver with surprising quickness and could have an impact like Austin Collie did last season for the Colts.

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