February Update for Dynasty Rankings

PFF FantasyIn case you missed it this past weekend, I updated my 2013 dynasty rankings at Pro Football Focus.

Click here for the link.

My rankings are part of the consensus that includes Chad Parsons and Scott Spratt. The rankings are primarily based on PPR leagues, but can be adapted for any format.

The most interesting thing is how much the three of us vary with our evaluations, including the method we use to go through the painstaking process to produce a set of dynasty rankings.

For example, my rankings philosophy is to evaluate players in a 2-3 year window of opportunity. Of course there are always exceptions to any rule, but I find that it works well for me in my dynasty leagues. Chad has a longer outlook on players and values longevity over instant production. Scott just posted a three-part look at his ranking process that is fascinating that you should definitely check out at PFF.

I didn’t have a lot of movement in my rankings from January – just some minor tweaking before the incoming rookies are added to the player pool with the NFL Draft.

I’d like to hear any feedback or questions you have about my rankings.

You can find Bryan on Twitter at @Bryan_Fontaine and his posts at Pro Football Focus as the Dynasty Senior Editor here.

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